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Only for individuals and small design studios of up to three employees, to promote their own work. Mockups can be used to enhance portfolios on your website and social media platforms, as well as within PDF portfolios. 
Time Period: Unlimited
Company Size: 1-3

This license is intended for use by both small and large design studios and advertising agencies. It grants permission to employ mockups for portfolio presentations on websites, social media platforms, and in PDF portfolios. Additionally, it permits small studios as well as larger agencies to self-promote their work through paid advertising efforts.

However, it expressly prohibits the use of these materials by client companies for the promotion of their products or services, or for any other form of product advertisement or campaign. It also does not allow for the selling of physical or digital goods on websites, such as posters, app installs, etc. For that, please refer to the Commercial Licenses.

Time Period: Unlimited
Company Size: Any



This is similar to the commercial license, but for companies of up to ten individuals. Usage for paid reach and promoted products is capped at 5 million views.

Time Period: Unlimited
Company Size: 1-10


This license is tailored for final clients and/or companies with a workforce of up to 50,000 employees seeking to promote and advertise their endeavors. It authorizes the use of materials for showcasing products and services on online stores, social media and etc. It can be used for crafting global multilingual marketing campaigns.
Additionally, usage for paid reach and promoted products is capped at 20 million views. Any request for an expansion of these limits should be directed for further consideration and negotiation.
Time Period: Unlimited
Company Size: 11-50.000


For broader usage rights, and larger corporations, please don't hesitate to contact us. Additionally, we extend a 50% discount on licenses for accredited students; simply reach out to us from your educational email address prior to making a purchase.